Yoga is the yoke, the center of our beings. ~Joseph Campbell


Year Round Schedule:

Tuesday (1x month) Meditation & Tea 9:00 - 10:00 am @Nonchalantmom Wakefield, RI - Website: http://nonchalantmom.blogspot.com/

Thursday Vinyasa Yoga 8:15 - 9:30 am @Mansion House VH Martha's Vineyard - Directions:  https://goo.gl/maps/kzyMw3eehGr

Friday (1-2x month) Community Free Yoga 5:30-7:00 pm @ MVYogaBarn Chilmark, MA - Website: http://marthas-vineyard-yoga-barn.com/

Saturday (April-Oct) Yoga & Meditation 8:30-9:45 am @SeaSpaSalonMV @VineyardSquare Edgartown, MA Website: http://www.seaspasalonmv.com/

Classes I'm Subbing on MV + my Outdoor Yoga spring-summer TBA classes are listed here: http://www.marthasvineyardyoga.com/  


Besides creating my first sequence of yoga postures while in the thralls of mania at The University of Vermont, yoga was all but unknown to me till the early 1990s. My initial “vinyasa” or yoga flow that I repeated manically in the winter of 1982, was my attempt to calm my wired nerves after my first experience with lysergic acid. With surges of uncontrollable adrenaline and imbalances of dopamine and serontonin running through my system, I innately found that I could only feel stable when moving in a steady positioning of my body from one stretching stance to another, rhythmically moving with my breath. Soon after my dormitory RA “brought me in” to the on-campus teaching hospital, the reputable Mary Fletcher Hospital, I continued with my unlabeled as such, “yoga practice”, as the intake doctors and nurses watched on, taking notes regarding my behavior. I remember hearing them call what I was doing, “yoga”.

In 1992, I revisited yoga through the compassionate hands of my first yoga teacher, Amy Weintraub, author of YOGA for DEPRESSION. Amy’s sharing of her artful, whole body, mind and spirit Kripalu yoga, soon became my desired and more than welcome passionate craft as well, as I discovered it to be the perfect tool to get me through my life’s need to be structurally redefined. I was going through my first  “Saturn Return” (at age 28-29, 2nd return is at age 56-58); this is when the planet Saturn returns to where it was at the time of your birth and attempts to energetically shift your patterns towards either more stability of purpose, or towards more chaos in ignorance of such, all depending on it’s planetary energetic force and your own energy that creates your thoughts, words and actions). Moreover, I was in the midst of a heart breaking divorce. As a Taurus I am energetically drawn to beauty and romance, and I am as loyal as they get once attached to what love, which isn’t so great when what I love doesn’t love me back, or is in avoidance of self-love. The positive flip of that is, to this day, my consistency with practicing yoga and eating organic, whole foods, all of which I love, because they have proven loyal to me – saving me from self-sabotaging imbalances over and over again.

Yoga is a practice of maintaining equanimity in our emotions, and in the optimal functioning of our organs and physical processes through movement and meditation. Yoga is the yoke, the center of our beings. Yoga gathers all the parts of who we are and integrates them into the whole Divine beings that we are, for good or bad, in darkness and in light, for we are all that we are. What’s in our path, is not in our way, it is OUR PATH!

~Joseph Campbell


Whether you are a first time student, doubting your flexibility, balance, attention span, or even interest in yoga, or you are a devoted practitioner with years of loyalty to the mat and meditation, ultimately we are all seekers of the same thing… happiness.

 It is my task as your yoga teacher, to help you accept the invitation that yoga offers – to go within, and to reveal that happiness lies in the dwelling of your heart.

I will guide and support you with compassion as your practice begins to release that which needs to be revealed and transformed from your body, mind or spirit. This allows you the space to progressively experience a deepening of your practice, and the making and creation of your highest dreams and potential. After all yoga is about living life, not just posing on a mat.

Through high intention themes, yoga stories, prana-yama (breathing practices), purposeful asana progressions, mantra and meditation, I teach that to grow in life, or to progress in our practice, is to accept where we are first, as a part of the process, and then to transform our self doubt and weaknesses into faithful advantages that we can continually come hOMe to, and instead of run away from.   

Yoga welcomes you hOMe to the comfort of your own true nature, be it what it may appear to be now, you have the potential to be all that you wish it to be. And yoga can be a tool to help you build the life you desire. All that you need is already within you, not broken or needing fixed, just needing to be revealed. This coming hOMe to our highest Self, is Sat chit ananda, the purpose of yoga..

How I teach Satchitananda, coming hOMe to your highest Self:

  1. First, by setting a foundation in awareness, and setting an intention to be present.  Are we safely aligned and present?
  2. Then toOpen to grace’ and to acknowledge that courage means moving through our fears with a power greater than ourselves.
  3. I teach perseverance in asana and life, by breathing and listening within, and  
  4. Steadily grounding the Self, before moving from the inside out,
  5. And to open up to that which is more beautiful or possible than we know.
  •  I teach how our action, attitude and alignment need to be continually reset, in order for our essence or chi to flow. That is why we call yoga a practice.
  • I teach that our e-motions are also energy in motion, and our heart most especially needs to attune to Sat chit ananda – that of happiness & bliss
  • And thatmoving, authentically, from inside our hearts outwardly, will ultimately serve others, ourselves and the greater good
  • I teach that when we find and live out our bliss path, this often twisted and obstacle ridden road will eventually teach us what we most need to learn,
  • and this purposeful path will lead us hOMe to the comfort of our all knowing, loving, true source within the seat of our soul – the Supreme Intelligence or  God energy,  that iswithin and throughout.


Private yoga classes are a wonderful way to deepen your practice, uncover a greater understanding of alignment and to therapeutically invite the body towards healing. I offer privates and semi-privates in the comfort of one’s home, workplace or gardens, beaches and yards, also at The Well Cooperative in Wakefield, RI and at River Bend Athletic Club and Mama Bird studio for pre and post natal mothers and children.


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