Are you ready to come hOMe to mother nature?



        A) 5-7 Day Detox hOMe & Body: Nutrient Dense Cleanse & Wellness Immersion

Come hOMe to your true self… eliminate what harms, and add what heals to make you feel amazing!

I’ll help you move from ‘worse to better, to best’ practices with food and lifestyle choices that support your body’s innate neuro-physiological functioning, so you can lead the life you are meant to live and do the work you are inspired to do, naturally.


INCLUDES: Two 90 min. 1:1 Health Coaching Sessions via Skype/Face Time; unlimited week long support via calls, texting & eMails; hOMnaturale’s original eBooks: Fave Green Juice Recipes, Super Food Smoothie Recipesand the essential  “Summer Cleanse Regime (includes shopping lists, meal plans, rituals/routines and info. & inspiration.) Also downloadable is My hOMe Journal to record your food-mood-energy & satiation levels as well as your desires, intentions, gratitudes and successes. Receive a series of mini videos for your at-hOMe yoga practice, featuring spiritually inciteful and physically aligning “Mythic Yoga Storytelling & Asanas, Mantras and Meditations”, plus hOMnaturale’s Top Ten Rest & De-stress Exercise & Physical, Mental Fitness tips. ($149 with one Skype session, or $199 for two sessions.)


INCLUDES: 90 min.1:1 Health Coaching Session; 90 min. Thai Massage; 2 private/group Yoga & Meditation sessions with (4 days of) 12 Organic, Green Juices made fresh for you; 5 days worth of Super Foods for make-at-hOMe smoothies, soups, salads & snacks; plus the hOMnaturale “Summer Cleanse Regime” with rituals, recipes, mantras & meditations, plus a food-mood record keeping hOMe Journal. Individualized to meet needs and to help get to root cause of any dis-ease in your body’s functioning.  ($349-$449/wk Includes all green juices and most food for the week. Extended cost for printed eBooks and continued health coaching through 40 days.)

       B) 28-90 Day Grow a Healthy Gut: Heal, Seal & Replenish

“All health begins and ends in the gut. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Get help with your FAMILY MEALS. Our focus is to find the root cause of any mental/physical ailments, via an individualized, subtly evolving Elimination Diet that ADDS nutrient dense delicious fresh foods to satiate and satisfy, along with empowering positive lifestyle choices your family needs to bring balance, saneness and wellness back into your hOMe. I will help you shop for and create delicious, anti-inflammatory (gluten and casein free) nutrient dense, pro-biotia meals that are from local, organic sources. Using “food as your medicine” and lifestyle support (in meditation, yoga, exercise and sleep) we can work together to improve, prevent or reverse the causal imbalances in digestive, hormonal and metabolic health.  $400/4 sessions (INCLUDES: Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping Lists & 1:1 90 minute Health Coaching Sessions.)

      C) 1-3 Day Reboots: Get Clean, Green & Serene     Feel Great Again!

Receive 2-3 Organic Green Juices/day for $10/each., and Broccoli Micro-greens for $12.  Add 90 min-2 hr. Thai Massage, Yoga & Nutrition Session for $90-$120.

      D) Thai Massage Health Sessions: Reg. $120/90 min. (or) 3 for $330; 5 for $500

Purchase Program in SHOP & Book First Health Coaching Session here:                                       Click “Make an Appointment” (or) Call: 401-533-0116 /eMail at Rebecca@hOMnaturale.com


I am committed to getting healthy, local food into the mouths of over stressed, over weight, over whelmed families of all socio-economic backgrounds. Healthy food needs to be seen as fairly priced and attainable, if people weren’t   accustomed to spending so little on subsidized, over processed food stuff (which isn’t really food, considering most products are so far removed from their origin of the earth, and in fact are manufactured at a very high cost to society), then they could perhaps with awareness, education and help, balance out their expenditures and values, and through experiences of feeling good when eating well, and by examples of teaching children and families and future farmers how to love to grow their own organic foods, our nation will become healthier and more vibrant contributors to society, entrepreneurs and hOMe and health care providers.

I believe that it takes coming hOMe to your heart to truly see and understand the importance of living with nature, and I teach, advocate and practice outdoor and indoor yoga and meditation to support this, and I bike or walk instead of drive whenever possible, hang my clothes and grow, shop and prepare organic whole food meals for myself and my family.  I whole heartedly believe in “hands in the garden, ears to the forest and skin wet with the ocean.” – Dive in.

All this getting back to nature, depends on your own authentic relationship with yourself, and with people, places, plants, animals, things and everything that is nature. Listen, what is your soul telling you? Are you in sync with the rhythms of nature and with the flow of universal energy toward happiness and bliss? Or are you limiting your potential and growth by working against nature, eating overly processed foods, or are you medicating yourself and your emotions with over the counter, prescription or illicit drugs that are attempting to treat symptoms instead of working toward providing you with what nature needs to help your body help itself? Are you truly addressing the cause of your imbalances? Are you in need of being still? – to listen to your intuition to become more aware at what is at the root of your illness or unhappiness? Are you ready to become more in line with your higher purpose? If you are, then get out of your own way, and start with adding green foods to your meals and slowly changing your taste buds and feeding your cells. Then spend more time alone in nature, listening within and to the great outdoors, what do you hear. I think it’s an invitation to come hOMe.


My initial role model for living in tune with nature was a woman named Nancy Burnett. Nancy, a beautiful spiritual women of the Seventh Day Adventist faith, was a student and protégée of Norman Walker, the first “Juice Man” of the 1940s, on through the 80s till his death in 1985.

Nancy and I both shared an appreciation for nature and were staunch environmentalist and advocates of a chemical free, healthy, whole foods diet. As my hired nutritionist, Nancy put me on a no-sugar, no-yeast, no-bread or pastry diet, aka a “Candida Cleanse”, that restored my body back to health after 7 years of eating a lot of delicious and addictive, constantly in my presence, sugar, yeast, fat and flour in the form of my father’s popular donuts made in our family’s RI landmark and legendary “Allie’s Donut Shop” back in Rhode Island.

Diagnosed with “bi-polar disorder” after two nervous breakdowns in my freshman and junior years of college – I had to keep my body, mind and spirit balanced, and I hated the way I felt on Lithium and other prescription drugs. I felt my chemicals were imbalanced from lack of nutrients that supported their natural creation and transmission, and that the damage I had done to my nervous system through both recreational and prescription drugs could be repaired or at least I could tonified with good nutrition and healthy practices.

I had always been the type to burn the candle at both ends as a driven student and social butterfly. My college boyfriend, turned fiancé, turned husband was a musician, which didn’t get me much sleep. All through college I was constantly tired, moody and worried about fraying my wires to the point of loosing my power to depression, or of loosing my stability to mania.

I no longer believe in labeling symptoms of dis-order, as disease, but in my freshman year of college at The University of Vermont, I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and hospitalized for three months after a manic episode (triggered by psychedelic drugs –a very big no, no for sensitive nervous systems already chemically imbalanced with unhealthy gut flora that is not producing enough l-trytophan, and hence not enough serotonin for a healthy functioning brain and nervous system.) Once transferred back to RI, I maintained for a few years, but then had a second relapse into mania and went on a cocktail of drugs which eventually was just long term lithium bicarbonate. I wasn’t happy; no longer knew who I was. I just couldn’t “find my way hOMe,” as Stevie Winwood constantly sang to me through my headphones. My body did not feel in sync with nature or with my soul’s desires.

I decided to get my sh_t together, and began visualizing  fulfilling my dreams. Between going to college to become an elementary school teacher and working at my family’s two  businesses, with horse tack and feed and/or with the delicious donuts, I hiked in the woods or walked along the ocean kicking up the sand with presence, yet looking beyond where I was. By the time I graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1986, I was already set to move out west with my BS in Elementary Education, with my mind set to teach on a reservation. I wanted to make my own living a part from the family businesses, and be the teacher I always wished I had had when growing up, and authentic seeing soulful reflection of potential. Moreover, I was determined to get healthy, and stay healthy, without prescription medications and I longed for a love relationship that supported this and was free from the drama of chemical dependency or addictive indulgences.


Now, over twenty five years later, I do my best to be a convincing, courageous advocate for our seeds, soil and water, and for the right to know what’s in our food, to change what is served in our schools, and to be proactive about what is taught to our children by example. I encourage you to look into www.momsacrossamerica.com, www.nongmoproject.org, www.edibleschoolyard.org, www.foodmatterstv.com and other awareness groups that share my mission.

My newest project is co-developing the Edible Schoolyard  Garden at The Broad Rock Middle School in Wakefield, RI, where my son Shane is in the sixth grade. I am fortunate to have the help and support of my partner, who is an organic vegetable farmer and executive director of South County Responsible Agriculture Project (www.facebook/handhewnfarm/scrap.com . Getting our hands dirty in compost-rich, organic soil and turning others on to this enjoyable, educational task so to sustainably grow and feed their bodies, mind and spirit is a major part of my mission to help families live more attuned to nature.

We also have worked for years at my community’s natural foods cooperative, www.AlternativeFoodCoop.com and feel farmer’s markets, family farm stands, CSAs, Co-ops and independent health food stores, as well as our country’s farm-to-food bank service offerings are the answer to getting America healthier. The S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) is even sadder due to the S.A.G. (Sad American Groceries) and the industrial food producers that are powered by big pharma and unfair and hard to fathom outdated government subsidies. Sadly it is the lowest income groups that have the least motivation or ability to serve healthy meals to their families. These are the hOMes needing a lift of spirit and lots of support; it is here I most hope to be of service.

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