SPRING CLEANSE on Martha’s Vineyard

hOMnaturale’s Detox hOMe & Body: 2-5 Day Nutrient Dense Cleanse

$299 (2 days) // $499 (3 days) // $599 (5 days)

Each Day receive $50 voucher for NOT YOUR SUGAR MAMA’S 

NYSM’s First/Last Day* : 1 kitchari (soup), 1 vegan mineral broth, 2 Suja juices, 1 coconut water, 1 green salad w/vegan dressing

NYSM’s Middle Days, includes 1 Liquid Day (up to 3 days): 1 broth, 3 Suja juices, 2 coconut waters

+ hOMnaturale: Super foods (including coconut, avos, veggies, fruit, nuts, nut butter)

ONE LIQUID DAY: broth, juices, teas, coconut water & filtered water *Optional non-vegan BONE BROTH, last day.


Thai yoga massage: value $125/75 min. + Health Coaching: value $75/60 min. (or) $199/2.5 hrs for both during same scheduled block.

Includes: hOMnaturale’s E-books (Cleanse Regime, 3 Recipe E-Books & 1 hOMe Journal w/ yoga asanas, mantras, mudras & meditations)

+ hOMnaturale’s Super Foods grocery bag 

+ 1 yoga class Tuesday 8:15 am @Mansion House or @Yoga Barn’s Free Friday 5:30 pm (3/17 & 4/7) 

GENERAL OUTLINE: Two Days before Day 1 of cleanse …

  1.  Fill out HEALTH HISTORY as sent to you via email, or given to you in person or via a phone interview 401-533-0116
  2. Download/Receive REGIME & FOOD LISTS & RECIPE E-BOOKS Check off (H) have, (N) need or get with cleanse (C).              Note: Wrapped around Cleanse Dates are your prep days, 2 Days=4 Days, 3 Days=5, 4 Days=6…
  3. Begin to ADD anti-inflammatory, organic/clean foods & water (get a filter) & healthy ‘regime’ habits 2 days prior
  4. Begin to ELIMINATE inflammatory stressors: processed food, animal products, coffee, sweets, drugs & alcohol 1 to 2 days prior, and arrange to best avoid any potentially difficult or sabotaging situations/relationships.
  5. Clean out or make easily avoidable your unhealthy cupboards, fridge and stressors

SEE CLEANSE FOOD LIST IN REGIME & MARK what you currently have in stock (H), need to purchase (N), or want (W)  (Besides the main cleansing food items from “NOT YOUR SUGAR MAMA’S” you also receive a Cleanse Bag with Super Foods & Goodies, within package price, or if necessary may be more depending on your needs. If don’t need let me know.)

ie) Organic Lemons, 1/day    H3 + N4

ie) Organic Coconut oil, 1/2 C H

ie) Wooden long handle dry brush  W

1e) Organic sunflower seeds, 1/4 cup  D (dislike)

ie) Organic chia seeds, 2 T W

ie) Organic kale, (bunch of any kind) N

If you’ve never heard of an item, or are allergic, or totally dislike a food item, let me know prior to cleanse if possible.

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