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HEALTH COACHING with Rebecca J. Briggs, RYT, CN   

Come hOMe to Mother Nature 

Years ago, after discovering how to take care of myself naturally, I broke free from a diagnosed ‘mental illness’, and dove into fulfilling my dharma as a teacher, traveler and advocate for holistic health care and lifestyle medicine.

I taught elementary school out west, on the Navajo and Hopi Reservation and in beautiful Sedona, AZ from 1986-93.  Inspired by the magnificent big sky, desert, forests, mountains, buttes and canyon rivers, I passionately began educating myself and my students on ways to help save the wild planet we loved from the destructive threat of man’s unchecked growth and greed.

It wasn’t long before my focus on saving the rivers, canyons and trees became more about saving our own lives from the hazards of environmental pollutants and capitalistic, corporate behemoths = big-petro, big-agriculture and big-pharma.

I saved my very sensitive health, predominately intuitively, from the detrimental affects of prescription and recreational chemical drugs, fear based hospitalizations, and a high sugar, high caffeine, low nutrient, poor sleep and ‘off track’ misalignment with my higher self. By listening to my body’s symptoms as warnings, not as a diagnosis, I found that eating healthy, spending time in nature exercising, and doing what I loved, with plenty of time to dream, write and walk the beach, energized my body, centered my mind and stabilized my emotions. 

Thirty years later, approaching my mid 50’s, I am still thriving mentally and physically, which I attest to yoga, meditation, and religiously eating an organic, real food diet. I’ve chosen holistic health care and lifestyle practices such as body work, the use of natural, non-toxic products, pure essential oils and wild or organic botanicals and food as ‘My Medicine’, and am certian that living a life aligned with both Mother Nature and my highest intentions, helps not only me, but everyone I meet and the greater good.

 Twenty four years after the “Women’s Health and the Environment” symposium and the “1994 DSHE Act, Health Freedom Rally” I organized on the UNM campus in Albuquerque, NM, I am shocked that there are an estimated  77,000 new chemicals introduced into the world we live and breath in, and that GMO foods (genetically modified organisms) and not just toxic pesticides and herbicides, are creating havec all over the world, as well as the ever present threat of climate change.

I was hopeful back in 1990 when teaching my second graders how to recycle and plant more trees, that the world would be a better place for them in the 21rst century, but sadly compared to my first year teaching in 1986, when about one out of every 2,000 children had autism, today, the CDC estimates that one in 150 8-year-olds in the U.S. has an autism spectrum disorder, and one in 58 boys, their families, schools and futures struggle with ASD. 5 million people suffer with Alzheimers and the number of overweight and obese people rose from 857 million in 1980 to 2.1 billion in 2013. Rheumatic, endocrinological, gastrointestinal and neurological autoimmune diseases (incidences and prevalences) have increased significantly over the last 30 years. GI disorders as much as 7% annually according to The International Celiac Journal in 2015, with research and observation pointing to a stronger influence of environmental factors as opposed to genetic factors on autoimmune disease development in general.

I was worried about our health freedoms being loss back in the 1990’s, when the FDA threatened to regulate Dietary Supplements and Herbs as drugs; yet now with 22 vaccine dosages being mandated for kindergarten entry, and corporate giants like Monsanto and Merck being protected from law suits, honest labeling and full research disclosures, and with over 287 known likely carcinogenic chemicals detected in the umbilical cord of unborn infants (EWG & Commonweal’s 2004 study) our freedom to care for our lives in a clean environment, with clean food and natural means is harder than ever.

It’s become a fight for our innate wisdom, parental instincts, and collective commitment to each other and to this planet, to prevail over man’s egocentric corporate greed. It’s no surprise that the truth about the correlations of environmental toxins and illnesses, and of the thousands of known natural foods and lifestyle treatments and preventative actions that get to the root cause of the body’s dysfunctioning, is being stiffled and that gut health, immunity and mental health is dictated mainly by emotional and environmental stressors, aka epigenetics, that confuses our micro-biome and RNA to misread, or poorly communicate to our DNA a healthful genetic coding). 

My intention remains, but the situation has become more dyer. People, our politics and our practices, Must Return hOMe to Mother Nature. Man is not “greater than nature – man is nature”.  

I teach the practice of yoga, meditation and healthy living. 

JOIN A CLASS: Every Thursday, 8:15-9:30 AM, Vinyasa Yoga @MansionHouseMV in Vineyard Haven on Martha’s Vineyard / A FREE Friday per month 5:30-7 PM Community Yoga Class @YogaBarnMV in Chilmark on West Tisbury line, Martha’s Vineyard / Every Saturday (beginning again in April) 8:30-9:45 AM @SeaSpaSalonMV in the Vineyard Square Hotel, Edgartown, MV

JOIN A WORKSHOP: Sat. March 11, 3-5pm “SPRING CLEANSE” @MansionHouseMV in Vineyard Haven, MV $18 drop-in/free if member of Mansion House Health Club, w/ optional snack donation. “Safe & Effective Cleansing to Sustain a Healthier Year Round You”

JOIN A RETREAT: April 24-30th, Monday-Sunday, “OBX YOGA & RAW FOOD CLEANSE”

JOIN A PROGRAM: schedule a private or small group yoga & nutrition session or retreat for you & friends on MV or Southern RI, or anywhere in the world. You design the theme; set the time and intention, and I’ll make it happen. 401-533-0116


  1. I support you to discover your soul’s path for your journey back hOMe to Mother Nature.  “Let the Beauty you love, be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” ~ Rumi                                                                                 LIVE A GREAT LIFE. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. LOVE WHAT YOU DO.
  2. I support this journey by first teaching you how to listen within,                   with a regular seated meditation practice, which if done for at least 3 minutes a day will measurably lower inflammatory effects within your body and brain, helping you ease-fully manage life’s stimuli within the ONE spacious, collective of your creative and critical Self. (Meditation can be as short as a 3 min Kundalini kirtan kriya, or a restorative 10 minute yoga svavasana, or 15 minutes of guided meditation to affirm your senses and recall all that lies within – your desires, successes and gratitudes, or as two 20 min Transcendental Meditation sessions, or an afternoon forest bathing in silence, or  seated japa with a mantra and mala.)  
  3.  I support you to begin and sustain daily movement as with a gentle, therapeutic and progressively deepening yoga or qi-gong (chi-gong) practice or appropriately suited indoor/outdoor fitness regime. NIH studies show that beginning two yoga sessions a week is proven to sustain Self-care practices. I’ll help you to adhere to your intentions to respect your body, mind & spirit’s needs.
  4.  I support your journey to gradually eliminate controllable stressors environmental toxicants– (there’s over 200 that are found in the umbilical cord of infants even with out their first breath, but many we can choose to avoid.)  inflammatory foods (glutenous grass grains, processed dairy, soy and corn, refined carbs -most sugars, including starches like potatoes and industrial animal products)  inflammatory hOMe and body products (including synthetic drugs & petroleum based plastics, cosmetics and lotions, artificial fragrances, cleansers and garden chemicals) destructive thoughts, words, actions & relations (self-sabotaging repetitive cynicism, victim mentality, negativity and gossip).
  5.  I support your journey to add positive lifestyle choices that will calm, fuel and restore your whole being (organic, real food; safe & effective movement and patterns of behavior that are in sync with nature, from sleep, water in take and healthy productive relationships), and do not include isolated nutrient supplements (unless essential as when tapering off of prescriptive drugs with your doctors care). I’ll help you to add practices and foods that will level your blood sugar and support hormonal health overall, immunity and good digestion, nutrient assimilation and waste elimination. You will never remove something without having a healthier choice to replace it with; often it’s a matter of healing the body and giving the body what it needs or is waiting for to help it function as nature intended- might even be just sitting and chewing your food more, or eating resistant starches over the course of a night to stabilize your blood sugar and help you feel nourished so you can sleep better (a resistant starch as in white rice, ghee and salt or buckwheat porridge & maple syrup). 
  6. I’ll support safe and effective hOMe health care practices, as in the well documented, evidence based and clinically practiced use of botanicals and other food based or energy modalities. I’ll help make non-intimidating 20 min Coffee Enemas, which can safely stimulate the nerve plexus loop in an overloaded, toxic or compromised GI tract. Coffee enemas release bile secretions which remove toxicants from liver and gall bladder into the colon, instead of blood stream and brain- Ancient Egyptians even used these to resolve psychcosis and comas …. it detoxifies the liver which processes toxins and toxicants, hormones, fats, sugars, and the emotions, especially anger and anxiety. Also helps OCD, and other struggles which suppress our minds acuity and increase our sensitivities; shifting our mind sets out of fear states and into grooves and patterns of rest, repair and grow, that help us feel safe in our own skin, safe in your own world.

Together, through ” your lifestyle medicine”, we can get you on the road back hOMe to Mother Nature, by realigning you with the natural world. We’ll get to the root cause of any of your physiological imbalances (which include energetic, psychological & spiritual “mis-matches” or “mis-takes”) that are occuring in your current life, and that have thrown your true-nature out of sync with how our species is meant to thrive and has survived on this planet over it’s 2 million year history.) 

… for “the role of the environment triggering inflammation and the manipulation of the immune and endocrine systems is the most sensible way to approach those individuals who would otherwise be candidates for multiple medications. ” ~ Dr. Kelly Brogan A MIND OF YOUR OWN


Get Lean & Serene by getting Clean & Green! 


1.)  Detect your stressors  (& establish what type of “Gut Health” & metabolism you have)

2.) Gradually help you eliminate stressors (be they hard to digest, processed, sugary, fake foods; glutenous grains; casein-rich, chemical laden dairy & animal products, or unhealthy repetitive thoughts, spirit-draining relationships, tasks or roles we play; chemical or mold laden environments and toxicant heavy products you may be using or work with.)

3.) Identify and add healthier bio-individual choices in foods, exercise, daily rituals and other self-care practices to the point they become instinctual or comfortably compliable.

4) Test your blood, stool and urine and get baseline nutrition and GI, hormonal and inflammatory markers, then retest in 4 weeks.

5) We’ll began with the place stressors hit first: your gut, and monitor and support how you digest, assimilate and utilize micro and macro nutrients that your body needs to function, and how you eliminate waste and clear your brain and body of toxins from life’s daily or sudden stressors.

 Your gut is your immune system and affects how your brain and hormones function. 

By healing, sealing and replenishing your GI microbiota with anti-inflammatory, probiotic and prebiotic foods, and balancing your blood sugar and hormones with nutrient dense, organic, cruciferous veggies and colorful, anti-oxidant rich super foods, organic green apples, citrus and berries; healthy clean fats & proteins, and with sufficient clean water and natural rhythms to your sleep and waking patterns you will optimize how your body functions and get in sync with the earth and your own genetic constitution.

 Add super foods, and super dos you need like yoga and meditation to your every day.

If you feel tired, depressed, anxious or irritable. If your weight is an issue, and your digestion & elimination, hormones & immune system is whacked. Remove what harms. Add what helps.

Get the support you need emotionally to inspire you to change.

  Immerse yourself in Healthy Living with Rebecca J. Briggs, RYT, CN  

Certified Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher with 20+ years of Experience




        A) 2-4 Day Intro or 5-7 Day* Detox hOMe & Body:                                                                                 Nutrient Dense Cleanse & Wellness Immersion Live Cleanse with Super Foods & Classes $449-$799 Martha’s Vineyard or Rhode Island locations, or private consultations & sessions

Come hOMe to your true self… eliminate what harms, and add what heals to make you feel amazing!

I’ll help you move from ‘worse to better, to best’ practices with food and lifestyle choices that support your body’s innate neuro-physiological functioning*, so you can lead the life you are meant to live and do the work you are inspired to do, naturally.

This 5-7 Day Detox can be the beginning of a 30 day food reset, “Grow a Healthy Gut”, eliminating processed food and grains, legumes, white potatoes and dairy from your diet (later we add back cold potatoes & white rice as a prebiotic, low glycemic resistant starch and easy to digest legumes, or “pulses”.)

*Essentially, you can continue on this program, and have my support in eating anti-inflammatory, real (nothing processed), organic (& non GMO) food for a month. After that, we begin to tailor your diet to your new and improved inner compass, with the support of your hOMe Journal we’ll reintroduce eliminated foods (apart from gluten and non-cultured, pasturized cow dairy). We’ll begin to pay attention to foods that are most relevant to the balancing of the autonomic nervous system* (its two arms, the sympathetic- fight, flight, inflame & freeze and the parasympathetic- rest, digest, restore & grow are always in a finely tuned balance).

“According to Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, cravings for red meat, leafy greens, and citrus are important indicators of whether a patient will thrive on a meat-based (parasympathetic dominant) or a pseudo-vegetarian diet (sympathetic dominant).” ~ Kelly Brogan, MD

The idea is to pay attention to what your body wants to eat to be well.

1) ON-LINE VERSION: $30/weekly emails, links & videos $100/weekly Skype sessions & emails, links & videos

INCLUDES: Two 90 min. 1:1 Health Coaching Sessions via Skype/Face Time to individualize your program and unlimited week long support via calls, texting & eMails; hOMnaturale’s original eBooks: Fave Green Juice Recipes, Super Food Smoothie Recipesand the essential  “Seasonal Cleanse Regime (which includes shopping lists, meal plans, mantras, rituals & routines, plus vital info. & inspiration.) Also, a downloadable record keeper, My hOMe Journal“, to record your food-mood-stool, energy & satiation levels as well as your desires, intentions, gratitudes and successes. Receive a series of mini videos for your at-hOMe yoga practice, featuring spiritual incite and physically aligning “Mythic Yoga Storytelling with Asanas, Mantras, Mudras & Meditations”. Plus hOMnaturale’s Top Ten Rest & De-stress Exercise & Physical, Mental Fitness tips. ($149 with one Skype session, or $199 for two sessions.)


INCLUDES: 90 min.1:1 Health Coaching Session; 90 min. Thai Massage; 2 private/group Yoga & Meditation sessions with (4 days of) 12 Organic, Green Juices made fresh for you; 5 days worth of Super Foods for make-at-hOMe smoothies, soups, salads & snacks; plus the hOMnaturale “Seasonal Cleanse Regime” with rituals, recipes, mantras & meditations, plus a food-mood record keeping hOMe Journal. Individualized to meet needs and to help get to root cause of any dis-ease in your body’s functioning.  ($399-$799/wk) Price varies whether including all green juices prepared fresh for you, and varies depending on the amount of food provided for your week to month long program, and on whether you are downloading or receiving printed eBooks. Continued health coaching packages are additional.

       B) 28-90 Day Grow a Healthy Gut: Heal, Seal & Replenish

“All health begins and ends in the gut. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Get help with your FAMILY MEALS. Our focus is to find the root cause of any mental/physical ailments, via an individualized, subtly evolving Elimination Diet that ADDS nutrient dense delicious fresh foods to satiate and satisfy, along with empowering positive lifestyle choices your family needs to bring balance, saneness and wellness back into your hOMe. I will help you shop for and create delicious, anti-inflammatory (gluten and casein free) nutrient dense, pro-biotia meals that are from local, organic sources. Using “food as your medicine” and lifestyle support (in meditation, yoga, exercise and sleep) we can work together to improve, prevent or reverse the causal imbalances in digestive, hormonal and metabolic health.  ($400/4 sessions) INCLUDES: Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping Lists & 1:1 90 minute Health Coaching Sessions.)

      C) 1-3 Day Reboots: Get Clean, Green & Serene     Feel Great Again!

Receive 2-3 Organic Green Juices/day for $10/each., and Broccoli Micro-greens for $12.  Add 90 min-2 hr. Thai Massage, Yoga & Nutrition Session for $90-$120.

      D) Thai Massage Health Sessions: Reg. $120/60 min. (or) $160 (75 minutes, $175= 2 hours) 3, 60 minute sessions for $330

Purchase Program of choice in my hOMenaturale SHOP & Book a Health Coaching Session here:                                                                Click “Make an Appointment” (or) Call: 401-533-0116 /eMail at or


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