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To grow is to go beyond what you are today. Stand as yourself. Do not imitate. Do not pretend to have achieved your goal, and do not try to cut corners. Just try to grow.”

~ Swami Prajnanpad

Hi, welcome to hOMnaturale, the on-line hOMe for Rebecca J. Briggs, RYT, CN

hOMnaturale: YOGA & NATURAL FAMILY HEALTH information, inspiration & practices to support optimal living.   

 Rebecca J. Briggs… lover (of all things natural and organic), mother, yogi, health coach, real food nutritionist, yoga & meditation teacher and holistic body worker (mainly Thai mat massage and therapeutic table massage.)    I am a traveler, advocate and educator driven to teach what mother nature knows best, how to live on this planet. I have been on a mission to spread evidence based, natural lifestyle-medicine since the 1980’s when my own personal discoveries and recoveries from serious stress related mental health and gut dysfunction conditions began to connect me with the ego-less wisdom of mother nature and divine intelligence. My Natural Health Coaching business has been an organic ripening of the fruits of 25 plus years of my own self-study and holistic living, going back to 1981, when I first began purchasing purely natural products for my skin, and in my homes and gardens, and when I began delving into the spirituality and wonder of my own true nature through yoga, meditation, astrology and other holistic practices that i live by and have grown into teaching. Now with over five dedicated years of client based experiences, my desire to know more about how nature knows best, and to teach what I most want to learn, has brought me great pleasure and purpose.

My intention is to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life doing what I love, staying true to my (unique and universal) nature, while inspiring and assisting others to come hOMe to Mother Nature as well, and to their in-nate, in-tu-it’ive true selves.

This means practicing a healthy lifestyle which includes eating as close to nature as possible, and giving every cell in your body the ‘in-form’-ation needed in the way of nutrients, thoughts, words and actions, and eliminating as best as we can, what may be bringing ‘in-form’ harm. Our cells respond to messages and information in order to know how to function properly, and our set *DNA needs this ‘inform’ation ‘in order’ to be read as nature intended.


Our *genome is epigenetically effected positively or negatively. Epigenetics is our how we respond to our environment, food and lifestyles.  Our genome’s ‘dark matter’ loaded with RNA is effected by epigenetics (our DNA is fixed). RNA reads DNA codes or  RNA destroys DNA Codes or dysfunctionally changes how it is read, as we see with the growth of cancer cells and other conditions triggered by our bodies inflammatory responses to stressors. Inflammation, being our brain to body or body to brain alarm system (gut-brain/brain-gut immunity) is nature’s way of “in form”ing us that something is dangerously off, as in it’s reception of an unidentifiable, hard to assimilate, chemically laden, processed food product instead of a clean, nutrient dense, fiber rich, probiotic, real food.

hOMnaturale offers encouraging and practical ways to help one regain and sustain an alignment with nature, with cleansing and wellness rituals and programs, tips on sourcing local or growing organic, seasonal, clean food (plants and animals) as well as developing a meditation and movement or yoga practice that supports growth and the nurturance and fulfillment of our soul’s desires.

“First do no harm. Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”  “All disease begins in the gut.” Hippocrates, The father of western medicine. 400 B.C.E.

“For better or worse Hippocrates observed sick people, not diseases.” A Short History of Medicine                         E. A. Ackerknecht

At hOMnaturale you’ll find:

  •  On-line and in-studio yoga and wellness lessons, classes, e-courses, programs, workshops & retreats
  • Links to videos, teleseminars and podcasts that inform and inspire
  • Access to products I personally use to support my own health or to assist you in discovering optimal wellness
  • Plus my downloadable eBooks with recipes, meal plans and practices that bring you hOMe to your heart and health                                                     hOMnaturale eBooks:
    • Mantras, Mudras & Meditations
    • Mythic Yoga Stories & Apex Asanas with Purpose 
    • DeTox hOMe & Body: 7 Day Nutrient Dense Cleanse & Wellness Regime 
    • Grow A Healthy Gut: 28-42 Day ‘Evolve to Solve’ Healing Meal Plans (bio-individual plans, GlutenFreeDairyFree, GAPS, SCD, PALEO, LowFODMAPs)
    • My hOMe Journal  (Food – mood record keeping, with inquiry and affirmations to help you stream-out the knots on your hero’s journey and flow with purpose)
    • MamaFood: Procreation Nutrition & Lifestyle Practices
    • Seasonal Meal Plans & Well’nest Shopping Lists
    • hOMnaturale’s Fave Organic Green Juice Recipes
    • Super Food Smoothies & Snacks
    • SuperBiotic Salad Bar, Cultured Foods & Dressings
    • Soup’or Broth Bowls
    • GF Grains & Veggie Bowls
    •  REAL EATS: Entrees, Appetizers, Treats & Sweets


The Well, LLC

The Well, LLC

365 D Main St. Wakefield, RI

This beautiful, historic studio space is where I practice Thai Massage and teach public and private yoga and wellness classes. The Well Collaborative is a collective of holistic health care practitioners and creatives: healers, artists and entrepreneurs supporting each other while we serve others.

Mama Bird

Mama Bird

323 B Main St. Wakefield, RI

Natural solutions and support for Mamas, this little shop and yoga studio provides organic essentials, clothing, toys and books for young families, and a wide array of classes for pre/postnatal moms and infants to preteens. I teach public and private pre and post natal yoga and nutrition here.

River Bend AC

River Bend AC

Columbia St. Peace Dale, RI

Yoga, massage, sauna and all the fitness, weight and exercise classes you need within a beautiful facility. I teach yoga and wellness classes and workshops here.

South County Community Gardens

South County Community Gardens

Broad Rock Middle School Edible Schoolyard Plots

Teaching basic organic gardening to middle school students and their families, I coordinate the involvement of South Kingstown’s two middle schools in the preparation, growing and distribution of healthy greens and root crops for SK families in need. Volunteers always appreciated, especially through summer!

Come hOMe to Mother Nature. Come hOMe to the innate Wisdom and Potential of a healthy, vibrant you.

Please contact Rebecca or the hOMnaturale support team to schedule sessions or for more information.

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