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hOMnaturale: Yoga, Meditation & Organic, Real Food 

Rebecca J. Briggs, RYT, CN    Natural Family Health Coach

Come hOMe to Mother Nature ~ she always knows best & I’m her rep. 

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and it is my intention to return you hOMe to your innate, intuitive Self and to the wisdom of nature, of which you are biologically and miraculously apart. 

As your health coach I support this journey by first teaching you how to listen within (through a regular practice of yoga and seated meditation) and then to adhere to your intentions to respect your body, mind & spirit’s needs, through the elimination of controllable stressors (environmental toxicants, inflammatory foods and destructive thoughts, words and actions) and the addition of positive lifestyle choices that will calm, fuel and restore your whole being (organic, real food; safe & effective movement and patterns of behavior that are in sync with nature). 

Together, through “lifestyle medicine”, we can realign you with the natural world by getting to the root cause of your physiological imbalances and dysfunctions…

… for “the role of the environment triggering inflammation and the manipulation of the immune and endocrine systems is the most sensible way to approach those individuals who would otherwise be candidates for multiple medications. ” ~ Dr. Kelly Brogan A MIND OF YOUR OWN


Get Lean & Serene by getting Clean & Green! 


1.)  detect your stressors  (& establish what type of “Gut Health” & metabolism you have)

2.) gradually help you eliminate stressors (be they hard to digest, processed, sugary, fake foods; glutenous grains; casein-rich, chemical laden dairy & animal products, or unhealthy repetitive thoughts, spirit-draining relationships, tasks or roles we play; chemical or mold laden environments and toxicant heavy products you may be using or work with.)

3.) identify and add healthier choices in foods, exercise, daily rituals and other self-care practices to the point they become instinctual or comfortably compliable.

4) test your blood, stool and urine and get baseline nutrition and GI, hormonal and inflammatory markers, then retest in 4 weeks.

5) We’ll began with the place stressors hit first: your gut, and monitor and support how you digest, assimilate and utilize micro and macro nutrients that your body needs to function, and how you eliminate waste and clear your brain and body of toxins from life’s daily or sudden stressors.

 Your gut is your immune system and affects how your brain and hormones function. 

By healing, sealing and replenishing your GI microbiota with anti-inflammatory, probiotic and prebiotic foods, and balancing your blood sugar and hormones with nutrient dense, organic, cruciferous veggies and colorful, anti-oxidant rich super foods, organic green apples, citrus and berries; healthy clean fats & proteins, and with sufficient clean water and natural rhythms to your sleep and waking patterns you will optimize how your body functions and get in sync with the earth and your own genetic constitution.

 Add super foods, and super dos you need like yoga and meditation to your every day.

If you feel tired, depressed, anxious or irritable. If your weight is an issue, and your digestion & elimination, hormones & immune system is whacked. Remove what harms. Add what helps.

Get the support you need emotionally to inspire you to change.

  Immerse yourself in Healthy Living with Rebecca J. Briggs, RYT, CN  

Certified Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher with 20+ years of Experience




        A) 2-4 Day Intro or 5-7 Day* Detox hOMe & Body:                                                                                 Nutrient Dense Cleanse & Wellness Immersion Live Cleanse with Super Foods & Classes $449-$799 Martha’s Vineyard or Rhode Island locations, or private consultations & sessions

Come hOMe to your true self… eliminate what harms, and add what heals to make you feel amazing!

I’ll help you move from ‘worse to better, to best’ practices with food and lifestyle choices that support your body’s innate neuro-physiological functioning*, so you can lead the life you are meant to live and do the work you are inspired to do, naturally.

This 5-7 Day Detox can be the beginning of a 30 day food reset, “Grow a Healthy Gut”, eliminating processed food and grains, legumes, white potatoes and dairy from your diet (later we add back cold potatoes & white rice as a prebiotic, low glycemic resistant starch and easy to digest legumes, or “pulses”.)

*Essentially, you can continue on this program, and have my support in eating anti-inflammatory, real (nothing processed), organic (& non GMO) food for a month. After that, we begin to tailor your diet to your new and improved inner compass, with the support of your hOMe Journal we’ll reintroduce eliminated foods (apart from gluten and non-cultured, pasturized cow dairy). We’ll begin to pay attention to foods that are most relevant to the balancing of the autonomic nervous system* (its two arms, the sympathetic- fight, flight, inflame & freeze and the parasympathetic- rest, digest, restore & grow are always in a finely tuned balance).

“According to Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, cravings for red meat, leafy greens, and citrus are important indicators of whether a patient will thrive on a meat-based (parasympathetic dominant) or a pseudo-vegetarian diet (sympathetic dominant).” ~ Kelly Brogan, MD

The idea is to pay attention to what your body wants to eat to be well.

1) ON-LINE VERSION: $30/weekly emails, links & videos $100/weekly Skype sessions & emails, links & videos

INCLUDES: Two 90 min. 1:1 Health Coaching Sessions via Skype/Face Time to individualize your program and unlimited week long support via calls, texting & eMails; hOMnaturale’s original eBooks: Fave Green Juice Recipes, Super Food Smoothie Recipesand the essential  “Seasonal Cleanse Regime (which includes shopping lists, meal plans, mantras, rituals & routines, plus vital info. & inspiration.) Also, a downloadable record keeper, My hOMe Journal“, to record your food-mood-stool, energy & satiation levels as well as your desires, intentions, gratitudes and successes. Receive a series of mini videos for your at-hOMe yoga practice, featuring spiritual incite and physically aligning “Mythic Yoga Storytelling with Asanas, Mantras, Mudras & Meditations”. Plus hOMnaturale’s Top Ten Rest & De-stress Exercise & Physical, Mental Fitness tips. ($149 with one Skype session, or $199 for two sessions.)


INCLUDES: 90 min.1:1 Health Coaching Session; 90 min. Thai Massage; 2 private/group Yoga & Meditation sessions with (4 days of) 12 Organic, Green Juices made fresh for you; 5 days worth of Super Foods for make-at-hOMe smoothies, soups, salads & snacks; plus the hOMnaturale “Seasonal Cleanse Regime” with rituals, recipes, mantras & meditations, plus a food-mood record keeping hOMe Journal. Individualized to meet needs and to help get to root cause of any dis-ease in your body’s functioning.  ($399-$799/wk) Price varies whether including all green juices prepared fresh for you, and varies depending on the amount of food provided for your week to month long program, and on whether you are downloading or receiving printed eBooks. Continued health coaching packages are additional.

       B) 28-90 Day Grow a Healthy Gut: Heal, Seal & Replenish

“All health begins and ends in the gut. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Get help with your FAMILY MEALS. Our focus is to find the root cause of any mental/physical ailments, via an individualized, subtly evolving Elimination Diet that ADDS nutrient dense delicious fresh foods to satiate and satisfy, along with empowering positive lifestyle choices your family needs to bring balance, saneness and wellness back into your hOMe. I will help you shop for and create delicious, anti-inflammatory (gluten and casein free) nutrient dense, pro-biotia meals that are from local, organic sources. Using “food as your medicine” and lifestyle support (in meditation, yoga, exercise and sleep) we can work together to improve, prevent or reverse the causal imbalances in digestive, hormonal and metabolic health.  ($400/4 sessions) INCLUDES: Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping Lists & 1:1 90 minute Health Coaching Sessions.)

      C) 1-3 Day Reboots: Get Clean, Green & Serene     Feel Great Again!

Receive 2-3 Organic Green Juices/day for $10/each., and Broccoli Micro-greens for $12.  Add 90 min-2 hr. Thai Massage, Yoga & Nutrition Session for $90-$120.

      D) Thai Massage Health Sessions: Reg. $120/75 min. (or) $160 (2 hours) 3 for $330

Purchase Program in SHOP & Book First Health Coaching Session here:                                       Click “Make an Appointment” (or) Call: 401-533-0116 /eMail at Rebecca@hOMnaturale.com


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